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The neighbors of Austin city became to know as "Sports Capital of Texas" for ten years and now they are looking to renovate their fields. According to the Austin Community Newspaper, the contractor gave the city four possible projects for upgrading their sports facility.

The project recommended as possible game changer consist of an indoor track, natatorium, sand volleyball court and installation of artificial grass on the field. The installation of artificial grass is already in the works as part of the last year's parks and recreation bond project. According to one of the players, placing an artificial field on soccer facilities could bring the most profit for the community. The proposed bond project was based on several synthetic grass fields; which cost them about $14.5 million for the size of two-and-a-half regular soccer fields. If Austin city  is going after new turf, it will make a significant difference what product they will use, reported Austin Newspaper. The benefits of artificial grass field compared to the natural grass will withstand more use, lower maintaining expenses, and watering bill.

The Parks and Recreation Department currently benefits from utilizing grass fields because Old Settlers Park in neighborhood city is connected to the water recycle system, allowing the fields to be watered without restrictions. Many sports players believe that a synthetic grass is an excellent solution, and it is a great scenario for cutting costs. Austin currently operates one artificial turf field at Buck Egger Park that is available to use at first-come first-served basis at any time of the year. Based on routine yearly reports in respect to wear and tear, Austin news reported that every eight years artificial turf fields will require replacement. 

Austin city currently does not operate an indoor track or field, and nor are they considering to establish this as a future projects. However, the renovation will create a surplus that eventually set potential renovations to the rest of the Austin city's sports facilities. In addition, the good news that the visitors are spending more than usual time, according to ticket sales estimates. A soccer player, who follows the city's decision, commented to Austin news, saying that sports events revenue is expected to be $20 million per year in the future if the city is "as good with [soccer] rectangles, as with [baseball] diamonds" on their synthetic fields. The City Council will meet to confirm the deal and solutions regarding the future projects on their sports facility this week.

There is a couple of reasons why sports industry turns attention into synthetic grass options. Maintaining sports fields is costly and can create additional setbacks in maintaining the grass field. But it is not just about water bills, or unnecessary maintenance. Sports insurance program for Teams or Leagues can be overwhelming making the safety of athletes a number one priority in the sport's industry. Company like Global Syn-Turf, Inc, provide artificial grass solutions designed upon innovative technologies guarantee the safety of the players as well as the life-span of the original investment.



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